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Surreal snapshots almost without words, accompanied by the Doris Day hit "Que sera, sera".

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Und das interessiert mich wirklich, aber nur, wenn es eine interessante Arbeit zu machen gibt?. Aber der fordert immer mehr Papier und so. Aber wenn sie zu mir sagen: 'Was wollen Sie tun? Good, so I had heard of Mr Costard and that we might get invited by the city of Hamburg and that the NDR wants to make a production with us. And I am really interested in that, but only if there is interesting work to do? I don't know how to say it.

But he always wants more papers and such. Compared to others I never did films for much because I always accepted things as they were. But when they ask me, 'What do you want to do? The natural ecosystem is threatened by a century of saltpeter and nitrate mining practices, and recent geothermic exploitation.

Drei Generation von Avantgarde-Filmemacherinnen in einem Film. Alle drei sind in Machtstrukturen eingebunden und suchen nach Alternativen dazu. A vever is a symbolic drawing used in Haiti's voodoo to summon Loa, or God. Three generations of vanguard film makers in one film. Deborah Stratman intertwines Deren's thoughts about her trip to Haiti in the s with Barbara Hammer's images which she filmed on a motorbike trip to Guatemala in Power structures envelop them all, and all of them are searching for alternatives. Obwohl er jung gestorben ist, lebte er ein einzigartiges Leben in einer konformistischen Gesellschaft.

A group of young people in Kigali meet at the home of their deceased friend for a wake.

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Though he died at a young age, he led a singular life in a conformist society. They spend the evening in remembrance of him, reflecting on their own life paths. Film wird aus Gelatine hergestellt, das wiederum aus Pferden gemacht wird. Vor vielen Jahren erlernten wir die Sprache unserer Herren. Aber wir fragten uns, warum so wenige von Euch unsere lernen wollten. Drei Szenen mit Pferden, in Erinnerung an Jacinto.

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Film is made out of gelatin that comes from horses. They're waiting to be slaughtered, so that pictures can be made. Many years ago we learned the language of our masters. Though we couldn't help wondering why so few of you bothered to learn ours. Three scenes featuring horses, remembering Jacinto.

The first is a daytime forest haunting that winds up at a carousel, the second a rainy street in Portugal, the finale a nighttime vigil of fire and water. Eine junge Frau entspannt sich in einem Restaurant am Fluss mit einem Freund. Da betritt sie seltsamerweise ein paralleles Flussufer mit einem Fremden. A young woman relaxes at a riverfront restaurant with a friend.

She recounts stories of her past experiences, finding enchantment in the flows of the river and the trees on the mountains nearby. Strangely, she enters a parallel riverfront with a stranger.

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Jens Franke follows the construction of a satellite town near Shanghai which was planned by the architecture company Albert Speer und Partner. The town is the realisation of a "German city" in China. The film documents the discrepancy between the idea and reality of the city. Als gefiederte Architektinnen bewegen sich die Tauben im Stadtraum und nutzen die Architekturen, die gegen sie gebaut werden.

Eine Frau ist ihre Komplizin. As feathered architects, pigeons use the city and the architectures that are built against them. Meanwhile a woman is their accomplice. Eine Stadt baut sich wie von selbst. Auf Abriss folgt Aufbau folgt Abriss.

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Aus der konkreten Hansestadt Hamburg wird der Schauplatz einer absurden Wachstumsfabel. A city builds itself. Demolition follows construction follows demolition. In "Topiaskop" dimensions and relations are dissolved, the certainty of place and time is dismantled. The concrete city of Hamburg becomes the site of an absurd tale of growth. In the course of planned redensification and gentrification processes in the cities, the demolition of buildings produces numerous sites of precise destruction.

Often it takes the onlookers quite an effort to tear themselves away from these sights. We find ourselves in a retreat of our reality. What exists outside of one's own dimension? Does a building have a spirit? In Hamburg's "City Hof" the opinions differ on this question. And this is not the only controversial subject here - the four monumental high-rises are at the heart of a citywide debate: monument protection or demolition?

In "City Spirit" we meet the people whose everyday life takes place in the surroundings of the building complex. Die Dokumentation einer Hausbesetzung am 4. Inklusive Eierwurf. Documentary about the squatting movement from April Including thrown eggs in the Hamburghaus. All day, all day, enjoy the ending? Es wartet in unserer eigenen Unterwelt. Filmmakers of many types have long been drawn to the complex "mytho-poetic" realm of dreams, trance-states, meditative solitude, the underworld, the deepest ocean, the darkest crypt Gudrun Krebitz names it the "magical dimension", and her oneiric film is at once both an immersion in this shadowy, intoxicating realm, and a critical, self-doubting, reflexive examination of it.

Freely mixing live footage and animation, using pictorial superimpositions and a multi-layered sound design, quoting Rilke and Schiller, her film intermingles snatches of Berlin and Venice, in its impressionistic passage through an inner, ever transforming landscape. Haven of well-being, adventure worlds and resting places. In a capitalist society, great expectations are attached to the benefits of "free" time. It is a promise of salvation, which feeds on the work performance. The film essay "Frei Zeit" examines, mostly in static shots, how this construct presents itself in public, private and media spaces - and what potential for conflict arises when dreams collide with reality.

Interviews with seamen's widows take the viewer through the history of a trade as old as our civilisations, told by the women left behind on shore. These stories, represented on screen by flowing imagery, catalogue a collection of the souvenirs gathered at sea. Shot on hour ferry cruises between Rotterdam and Hull, and Kiel and Oslo.

North of the Arctic Circle in the port city of Murmansk, Yana has just finished school. At the same time, former military personal are building a dacha settlement near to Yana's hometown in the tundra. While Yana wants to leave the city and move out into the world, the dacha settlers feel the need to create a safe haven.


Although these two narratives appear divergent, they have something in common: both Yana and the settlers are following their dreams and must overcome the obstacles in their paths. Both are searching for an autonomous living space and see a viable habitat for themselves. Irgendein Sommer an einem unbestimmten Ort. Irgendwann fallen alle in einen tiefen Schlaf.

An indeterminate location, summer. The inhabitants of a shared apartment ask themselves where they might live. They imagine countries, communities and places. Time passes and nothing can change that, neither human action nor objects and their states. At some point, they all drift into a deep sleep. Eine experimentelle Montage dokumentarischen SuperMaterials aus dem Jahr , gedreht in den damaligen Alsterdorfer Anstalten. An experimental montage of super 8 footage from , shot in Alsterdorfer Anstalten.

Starting out with a childhood memory of finding a fossil in a bed of rocks of a former railroad track, the narration follows the connections between the former POW camp Stalag VI F in Bocholt and the Krupp company in Essen. Situationen eines Alltags, das Warten auf und das Erinnern an eine abwesende Person.