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And the love between him and Sonny is just so obvious to me.


This list my change tomorrow--it was hard keeping it to eight and I have a few close contenders waiting in the wings--but that's it for now. What can I say. The man is just downright sexy. Clancy Brown Jeff Goldblum. In Independence Day, Buckaroo Banzai and anything else he's been in.

Steven Tyler. Sexy, sexy, sexy, sexy. Sonny Michael Corinthos in General Hospital. Blair Sanburg. I repeat: The man has the face of an angel. Michael Stone Cates from General Hospital.

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Sonny's "younger brother," played by Michael? Jason Morgan. Sonny's other "younger brother. No explanation needed.

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Love you all. I'd better stop now before I get out of hand. As a bisexual woman I want two harems. I also like to complicate things. I got to thinking about the other side of the coin. I've been in love with her since the beginning.

Only the best though. You go, girl! I've had a thing for Lois since day one. GH kind of lost a sparkle when she left. Well, that makes eight for my secondary harem. Girls just wanna have fun. Talk about sexy woman. She can turn me any time! But than again, so can Vachon.

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And Lestat. And Diamondback. And Jeanette Du Charme. And David Corde's Harem Harem NO I will not stick to males only! How boring is that? Ares, God of War: Leather and sideburns. Nuff said. Crichton: I don't think I need to explain this one. Aeryn: What Cristin said. Xena: c'mon, people! The woman exudes sensuality! Gabrielle: Like chocolate and peanut butter. Er, peanut butter and jelly? Um, jelly and toast. Toast and tea? I don't care, but Xena and Gabby GO together.

Jim'n'Blair: They're like one person already. At least, in my mind.

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He directs too, and he's hilarious, and I just love him. Do I have enough Farscape people? Can I have D'Argo and Zhaan too? Worf: I just love him. Obi-Wan and Maul, of course I'll stop there because I'm being greedy. I think that says something about me in general Cristin Anne's Harum My Harem.

Tinky and the Dragon (Tinkys Adventures Book 3)

Blair Sandburg The Sentinel : The perfect man. Gorgeous hair, gorgeous body, gorgeous personality, speculation on mystical powers. Plus, he's got long hair, glasses, and is kind of nerdy. What more could a girl want? See above for long hair, glasses, and kind of nerdy what the hell, can anyone see a type here? Aeryn Sun Farscape : Nope, not a guy. This woman is just to attractive for her own good :- 4. Julian Bashir DS9 : Early seasons only.

Marron Bakuretsu Hunters : He's a character from an anime. Simply a beautiful man And he's got long hair and mystical powers. Plus such devotion Ooh man Devon Adair Earth 2 : Yet another non-male. This woman's determination You know, I honestly can't think of anyone else.. Oh, and lastly, they'd probably spend too much time in pissing contests, and I see enough of that at work. There's no fun in that at all, IMHO. However, with the proviso that I wouldn't have a harem if you thrust it on me and the pun is intentional , who I'm interested in, in no particular order but alphabetical, and with no assurance that I won't change my mind five minutes after I've written this I like watching them together.

I have no idea what the above says about my psyche, and frankly, my dears, I don't think I want to know. Dine's Harem Great question - after some thought, I came up with the following list but I reserve the right to change my mind! Elyssa's Harem Ok people, I know it was supposed to be 8 men, but personally I think guys are kinda boring. At least fantasy wise. Women: 1 Xena - It is all about that feral grin when she is kicking serious ass. Yum, yum. I love those bad ass ladies. Hell of a package. I am sure you all understand. Men: 1 John Stewart - I know.

I am a total freak. But I have wanted to marry him since I was in high school.

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What a cutie. The accent. It is just too much. He is just so Kevin Smith might be the sexiest man I have ever seen. Hot damn. Sure he bedded everything in the galaxy, but he was SUCH the man. I mean who wouldn't want the suavest man in the universe at your beck and call?

Plus you just KNOW he is a dynamo between the sheets. So that's it. Good choices? I think so. But I gotta tell you, I think I might need to take a cold shower now after thinking about this for so long. Farfalla's Harem Kirk and Spock :- Umm Dr McCoy just cos he's so sweet :P Hmm, what a fun game! Blair Sandburg 2. Garrett Maggert 3. James Ellison 4.

Richard Burgi 5.