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Steiner's books also contain numerous descriptions of higher worlds and beings. Rudolf Steiner. Knowledge of the Higher Worlds and How to For the attainment of knowledge and proficiency in the higher worlds, there is. Rudolf Steiner. Being deeply interested in Dr.

Steiner's work and teachings, and desirous of sharing with my English-speaking friends the many invaluable glimpses of Truth which are to be found therein, I decided upon the translation of the present volume. It is due to the kind co-operation of several friends who prefer to be anonymous that this task has been accomplished, and I wish to express my hearty thanks for the literary assistance rendered by them-also to thank Dr. Peipers of Munich for permission to reproduce his excellent photograph of the author.

The Way of Initiation or, How to Attain Knowledge of the Higher Worlds

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Published by Forgotten Books About this Item: Forgotten Books, Seller Inventory LW Rudolf Steiner gained initial recognition at the end of the nineteenth century as a literary critic and published philosophical works including 'The Philosophy of Freedom. The first English version of 'The Way of Initiation' first appeared in print in as two volumes.

Steiner was a philosopher, social thinker, architect, and esotericist. His philosophical work, which he termed spiritual science, sought to provide a connection between the cognitive path of Western philosophy and the inner and spiritual needs of the human being. Steiner worked with educators, farmers, doctors, and other professionals to develop Waldorf education, biodynamic agriculture, anthroposophical medicine as well as new directions in numerous other practical areas.

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He advocated a form of ethical individualism, to which he later brought a more explicitly spiritual component. He based his epistemology on Johann Wolfgang Goethe's world view, in which 'Thinking. Just as the eye perceives colours and the ear sounds, so thinking perceives ideas. In response to the catastrophic situation in post-war Germany, he proposed extensive social reforms through the establishment of a Threefold Social Order in which the cultural, political and economic realms would be largely independent.

Steiner argued that a fusion of the three realms had created the inflexibility that had led to catastrophes such as World War I. In connection with this, he promoted a radical solution in the disputed area of Upper Silesia, claimed by both Poland and Germany; his suggestion that this area be granted at least provisional independence led to his being publicly accused of being a traitor to Germany. Steiner opposed Wilson's proposal to create new European nations based around ethnic groups, which he saw as opening the door to rampant nationalism.

Steiner proposed as an alternative "'social territories' with democratic institutions that were accessible to all inhabitants of a territory whatever their origin while the needs of the various ethnicities would be met by independent cultural institutions. It led to the sociological theory known as "social threefolding". Condition: Used: Good.

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