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Is Our Blood Similar to Sea Water?

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What if you drink saltwater? | HowStuffWorks

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One nice example is when we remain too much time in the pool or sea water, our skin will change its normal state.

Because of the difference in osmotic potential caused by the salt water solution, water will diffuse out of the red blood cells causing them to shrink in size. Therefore, when we place blood red cells within a salty solution, pressure generated by concentration differences, of salt, higher outside, will make salt come in, due to cell-self protection mechanisms, not too much, and water will come out, eventually the cell can "crack. On the upcoming picture, we have an schematic picture of a shrivelled cell. Picture 1 Shrivelled cells, accessed on 11 02 What would happen to your red blood cells if they were placed in salt water solution?

Jorge G. Osmotic pressure is important in biological systems because cell walls are semipermeable membranes. In particular, when a person is receiving intravenous IV fluids, the osmotic pressure of the fluid needs to be approximately the same as blood serum; otherwise bad things can happen. You can drink the water, but ingesting it will pull water out of your cells as osmosis works to dilute the seawater.

What happens to red blood cells placed into salt water?

Ironically, your cells will die of thirst, and you will also die. It is OK to drink the water if you are stranded on a body of freshwater, at least from an osmotic pressure perspective. Osmotic pressure is also thought to be important—in addition to capillary action—in getting water to the tops of tall trees.