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Moody, Doug, The Coconut Nectar and Crystals that we use to sweeten our bars comes from the sap of the tree and has a low glycemic index of just In addition, coconut and its oil helps to slow down the entry of sugar into the bloodstream — an added bonus for those watching their sugar intake.

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Read PDF Nectar for the Discerning Palate

Flavor Set into a bar form rather than a round with all the distinctive coconut flavors and textures of the classic round macaroon, plus it is dipped in rich dark-chocolate perfection. Flavorful, chewy satisfying, unforgettable… Nutrition Coconut Secret bars started with a simple dream: To produce a delicious line of low-glycemic snacks for our diabetic parents. The traditional production process starts, perilously, high up above ground. Much of local production is third-world crude, and although the distillery equipment and set up may differ depending on budget and production volume, much remain the same.

A single mangkakarit can manage the cutting, bleeding and sap collection from trees a day. A gallon drum of sap yields about 6 gallons of lambanog. It is a temperature-critical process; over-boiling is avoided, and the longer the distillation time, the finer the distillate. The final distilled spirit ranges from proof; some consider proof ideal.


The first ten ounces or so is a highly concentrated methanol-toxic distillate referred to as " bating ," sometimes included with the total distilled product. Some distillers set it aside for sundry uses by local healers, especially for therapeutic massage or in small doses for menstrual irregularities.

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Some use it for spiking low-proof or low quality lambanog. The end part of the distillation is called tails or parasan. Tails are higher boiling components, with higher amounts of fuel oils and acetic acid, recognized by sight loss of the fine bubbles , taste loss of sweetness, sourness and smell blunting of the aroma. Usually discarded, some unscrupulous distillers use the parasan to increase production volume, producing an inferior end product. I n rural Quezon, it was once considered at the low-end of the alcohol preference — the alak of the peasantry, the arrack of the masa.

Not anymore. Affordable at P to per gallon P to P per gallon at volume purchase , It is now the preferred alcoholic drink — over gin and beer, that is, if it can be found pure and unadulterated. Unfortunately, much of the rural-provincial consumption access is through unlabeled recycled plastic gallon jugs sold from roadside shoulder-stalls and stores; alas, often chemically adulterated.

Alas, this is not the common lambanog experience.

14. Squirrels are the Groundhogs' Closest Biological Relative

Commercially bottled lambanog lacks of the subtle nuances. Roadside lambanog is likely adulterated. Rural consumption of lambanog has suffered recurrent periods of disfavor from local grapevine news of illnesses caused by the drinking of "bad batches.

Much of the roadside purchases, in half-gallon or gallon recycled plastic or bottle jugs is second-rate, washed down, extended and chemically adulterated toddy of such inferior quality easily discerned even by non-lamba-connoisseurs. The ways of adulteration are many — well kept secrets of the rural underworld. An often suspected process is the use of the parasan tails. Usually discarded, it is mixed with sugar cane fino and added to 2 gallons of boiled water, and then added to dilute 8 gallons of lambanog.

15. Groundhog Day Originated in Europe, Sort of

So, buyers beware. The traditional litmus test for lambanog purity in the Tiaong area uses a strip of sapan wood. Stirring it in the test jigger imparts a yellow color for unadulterated lambanog and a pinkish or reddish color for adulterated batches. See below. An acceptable proportion is one measure of chili'ed lambanog to 8 measures of regular lambanog.

Increase the measures of Lamba according to taste.

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