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His accusers told Pilate that by their law Jesus should die because he made himself the Son of God. This meant that they were close to God. In the Beatitudes, peacemakers are called the sons of God. Jesus acted like God.

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He spoke with authority, he was master of the Sabbath, he adapted rules God had given in the Old Testament times, he worked miracles, and he forgave sins. By becoming one of us and saving us, Jesus has raised us to divine sonship. Sharing the divine life Jesus offers, we, too, call God Father. Jesus in his humanity is with the Father in glory now.

Adam was the first man on earth.

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Jesus is the new Adam, the first man in heaven. Jesus the Son of God. The second reference is found in the Gospel of Mark In this text, Jesus tells the parable of the owner of a vineyard who prepared and rented it to some vinegrowers.

At harvest time, he sent a slave to receive some of the produce. But they refused to listen to the slave, beat him, and sent him away. One by one as the owner sent additional slaves, they refused to listen and either beat or killed them. He had one left to send, a son.

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But the tenants killed him too and threw him out of the vineyard. In this parable, the vineyard owner is God, the vineyard is Israel, the slaves are the prophets who brought the word of God to Israel and were mistreated and killed as a result, and the son is Jesus. What is of interest to us at the moment is that the son is here revered above the prophets vss.

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If prophets were sometimes referred to as sons of God, Jesus is son in a higher sense. In conclusion, our view of Jesus is important if He was who He claimed to be. Who did He think He was? The Son of God. When He used this designation of Himself, He used it in a divine sense.

Mark This is the beginning of the gospel of Jesus Christ, the Son of God.

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